Author Interview – Jasveer Singh Dangi

By Ritu Mantri

Blogger and Influencer

Jasveer Singh Dangi

Recently, I received an opportunity to interview the author Jasveer Singh Dangi. He is a safety and health trainer by profession, but couldn't stop the brewing stories inside him to come out. He began writing in 2018 and since then he has written three books. Double One Zero is his third book which has been released recently. I was thoroughly impressed with his clarity of mind and thought process. He has this ability to say more with less words. This you will realize when you will read the extracts of the interview.

Jasveer Singh Dangi

Q. You started with non-fiction books like Diary from Heaven and Version 1 1/2 sharing your personal experience. What got you interested in writing thrillers? 

Ans : I have always been a fan of the action movie genre and spy thrillers to be specific. So, wanted to start my fiction writing journey with an action packed thriller.

Q. You have experience of writing both fiction and nonfiction. How difficult was it to switch? Do you have trouble being yourself? 

Ans : It was difficult initially because non-fiction doesn't not require mush imagination because you are trying to recall something tat has already happened so you have your memories as a reference point whereas for fiction there are no reference points in your memory. It was difficult to switch from non-fiction to fiction initially but as I proceeded with the project I was able to make the switch.

Q. Please tell us something about your Double One Zero.

Ans :  ‘Double One Zero (110) – Out of the Shadows’ is a story about deception and one man’s quest to find his identity. The journey to find his identity will take him across the other side of Earth and then back to the capital of India, Delhi. Along the way, he will try to pick up the pieces and solve the puzzle that his life is. Brace yourself for the ride of your life as ‘Double One Zero (110)’ comes ‘Out of the Shadows’.

4. How do you go about creating suspense and pace yourself? 

Ans : It comes with the flow of story writing. As you proceed with your story you keep imagining different possibilities & accordingly the suspense will automatically fall into place.

5. Your books have interesting titles. Is there a story behind the selection of the title?

Ans : Yes, I believe first impressions are very important & there is a lot that people judge just by the name alone. I wanted the names to be different & thought provoking at the same time. I want people to develop a curiosity for the book when they read or hear the name of my books.

6. Should writing be therapeutic? 

Ans : It can be, but it definitely is not a hard & fast rule.

7. What is the greatest risk you can take as a writer? 

Ans : Highlighting your negative character as the hero. Conventional readers will never like the glorification of a villain or mindless violence.

8. What is the best investment you have made into your writing career?

Ans :  Every word that I have written is an investment with returns that cannot be managed using any measuring scale. 

9. Would you rather have 10k words you are proud of 50k okay words? 

Ans: Quality always wins & not quantity. If 10k words covey a message effectively than conveying the same message in 50K is pointless exercise where one has wasted a lot of time & energy.

10. Lastly what can writing do that movies can’t?

Ans : Movies give you a set idea about a character & situation. Where as while reading a  book you can  create your own surreal version of the character & the situation in your mind. Reading opens the doors to the creative side which is very important for problem solving.

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