Author Interview | Reecha Agarwal Goyal | Forever Is Not Enough

reecha agarwal goyal

BookWorld got a chance for flash question and answer session with the author Reecha Agarwal Goyal. Check it out.

1 Why do you write? Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Writing is my meditation

2 Tell us the story behind the story Forever Is Not Enough. How did happen?

My uncle was diagnosed with cancer some thirty years back. My dad was with him at the Tata cancer hospital for six months. He told me about this couple.

3 What was the most challenging aspect of writing Forever Is Not Enough?

Writing the tragic part.

4 What was your aim with Forever Is Not Enough. What message did you want to get across?

I want people to know that most of their problems are self made and not real. We should live our lives like winners.

5 For you, what makes a great story?

Believability and honesty

6 Your debut literary work was poetry. What was your thought process behind the poems?

There were no thoughts. Thoughts come from mind. The poems derive straight from hear.

7 How was the journey of publishing your first book?

Difficult, but fulfilling.

8 How writing has changed you as a person?

It has made me more patient

9 Finally, What’s coming up next from you?

A sequel to Such is Her Life

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