Live Laugh and Let Go by Gul Hinduja Review

I recently got my hands on a memoir called “Live Laugh and Let Go” by an Indian entrepreneur named Gul Hinduja. At first, I was intrigued because of his last name and the foreword written by Gopichand Hinduja. I am invested in Ashok Leyland, a company owned by Hinduja Group. So I found myself fascinated to read more about the Hinduja legacy.  While Gul Hinduja might not share the same family tree, his narrative weaved an extraordinary tale of humble beginnings and aspirations to soar higher.

The memoir unravelled like a symphony of dreams, painted against the canvas of challenges and aspirations. Gul Hinduja emerges not as a titan of industry, but as an ordinary soul with extraordinary dreams, undeterred by his imperfections. He shared his journey of starting a business in India during the 1960s, a time when it wasn’t easy without resorting to underhand dealings. In contrast, establishing himself in Arab nations was comparatively less challenging.

While his wealth remained a mystery, his treasure trove of friends was unmistakable. Gul Hinduja resonated as a magnetic figure, effortlessly forging friendships and building lasting bonds. These relationships became pillars of support and nostalgia, painting his memoir with hues of camaraderie and warmth.

In the twilight of his life, Gul Hinduja’s narrative takes an inspiring turn. His retirement marked not an end but a rebirth, where hobbies and passions were no longer fleeting dreams but vibrant realities. This transition struck a chord with me, showing that true happiness and fulfillment often come when we pursue our passions, especially later in life.

‘Live Laugh and Let Go’ isn’t just a memoir; it’s an odyssey through a life laced with audacious dreams, enduring friendships, and the victory of a fulfilled soul. Gul Hinduja’s words echo the melody of perseverance, where success isn’t merely measured by bank accounts but by the resonance of a life lived fully.”

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