Interview with Abdul Basit Syed, Author of Re-engineering Happiness

Abdul Basit Syed happily entered the literary world, sharing his road map towards true happiness in the book Re-engineering Happiness. BookWorld was overwhelmed when he agreed for an email chat, telling us more about his social work, and of course, about the newly released book.

Abdul Basit Syed

Q. Sir, you are a recognized social activist and a humanitarian, what made you go into social work? 

My grandfather was an Indian freedom fighter, who has lived as a social activist all his life. I am inspired by him for my humanitarian work.

Q. Please tell us something more about your work as a social and peace activist? 

As a global peace activist, my three main goals are Peace, Education and Trade harmony. Everyone wants peace and happiness in their life. Peace comes with the right education; the right education comes with good economics. So I focus on these three major goals.

Q. Can you tell us your strengths and weaknesses as a social worker? 

I believe my major strength is networking, organizing, campaigning with compassion for the cause of humanity, and I feel my weakness is my handwriting which often puts my spirits down while writing important letters to global leaders.

Q. How did this book, Re-engineering Happiness: A way of life: Begins with you happened? 

As I previously said, everyone desires happiness and peace in this world, as a peace activist for more than 15 years, I have learned a very important lesson. The foundation of morality in the inner heart and mind leads to peace and happiness, so there won’t be hatred or jealousy within and outside us.

I started an initiative, World Moral Day on 30th of Sep 2019 for United Nations to declare 2nd September, the ending of Second World War date as ‘World Moral Day’ for us to learn from our previous mistakes. So this book focuses on my initiative to declare ‘World Moral day’ by the United Nations.

Re-engineering Happiness

Q. Tell us your thinking behind the book, why do you think morality is the key to happiness? 

If a heart and mind is filled with hatred, vengeance, cruelty, jealousy and greed, they will not have peace and happiness with themselves and also with people around them. So I believe a moral mind filled with love and compassion is the key to happiness. 

Q. What kind of research do you do, and how long did you spend researching before beginning the book? 

As a peace activist for many years, working and living with various kinds of people from all walks of life has given me good knowledge and insight on the subject. As a strong firm believer in education and moral cause, I have done deep research for every content in this book.

Q. What is the most difficult part about writing and how did you overcome it? 

Since I am involved in various activities, time management has been crucial. However, I try to prioritize for the greater good and overcome it. 

Q. How do you balance your work and personal life while writing the book? 

As a global peace activist, I put my humanitarian work as a priority, so I spared less time for my personal demands during that time. Sometimes small changes have to be made for a greater good.

Q. The world is under the grip of deadly corona virus. Do you think it’s nature’s way to throw the stone at mankind to draw their attention? 

Nature is the most beautiful and precious thing which we have to preserve for us to have a peaceful happy life. To preserve nature, we need moral mind and ethical behaviour. Hence I think nature is calling you to join its arms for protection and to learn the way to preserve and care for the free entitlements which nature has bestowed upon humankind. 

Q. How is your organization helping to fight the virus? 

World Humanitarian Drive has organized many initiatives to inspire millions of people around the world to combat the COVID 19 virus. We conducted ‘Covid Times Poetry’ where we had thousands of participants from all seven continents, speaking their mind and hearts through divine poetry language to give hope and inspire millions to self-isolate and help to break the chain by social distancing. Our next event ‘Stars of Covid’ is to recognize individuals and noble organizations, who have strived in the path of this cause to protect and support vulnerable people during this pandemic. Our members are volunteering for various activities. As the founder of World Humanitarian Drive, I am proud that we can touch hearts and souls of people around the world to inspire them despite the pandemic. It is a key victory not only for WHD but for all those people who believe in love for humanity.

This was the extract of the interview with the author Abdul Basit Syed. We wish him luck for his new book Re-engineering Happiness.

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