Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom Review

Mitch Albom’s books are like pocket-sized treasures, easily tucked into your handbag for a moment of wisdom whenever you need it. Despite their small size, they carry an abundance of insights that can’t be absorbed in a single reading. It takes multiple visits to truly unearth the golden nuggets of wisdom, and such was the case with “Have A Little Faith.”

have a little faith

Navigating the delicate terrain of religion and faith, Albom, a seasoned writer, employs a secular and neutral approach that sets his work apart. The heart of the story revolves around two remarkable individuals, Albert Lewis and Henry, both men of God with diverse backgrounds yet united by an identical temperament and a profoundly secular outlook. They view themselves as servants of humanity, steering clear of exploiting their spiritual beliefs for personal gain. Their religion is a testament to embracing and tolerance, where Albert emanates wisdom and humor, while Henry radiates hope and happiness.

In Mitch Albom’s recollection of his childhood, Albert Lewis was a figure of awe, someone he instinctively kept a safe distance from. However, the dynamics shifted when Albert approached Mitch with an unexpected request: to pen his eulogy. This marked the beginning of a deliberate effort by Mitch, the author, to delve into the depths of Albert’s life and character.

As the narrative unfolds, Mitch’s journey of discovery mirrors my own as a reader. The pages take us through numerous discussions and dialogues between Mitch and Albert, exploring a myriad of profound topics such as war, the religious underpinnings of conflicts, the nuances of personal faith, secularism, death, the afterlife, marriage, atheism, faith itself, and the profound experience of losing a loved one. Albert’s perspectives on these subjects, as revealed in these conversations, are not only enlightening but also heartening. In essence, Mitch Albom’s storytelling not only invites us to know Albert Lewis but also encourages us, as readers, to reflect on our own beliefs and understanding of religion and faith.

Henry, once a man shadowed by a criminal past, bore the weight of a history marked by drug dealing and an array of committed crimes. In times of trouble, he sought solace in prayer, only to seemingly forget about God once the storm had passed. However, when the decision to transform gripped him, Henry emerged as an entirely different person.

The journey of this reformed man was far from easy. The echoes of his past continually reverberated, a haunting reminder of the person he used to be. He faces numerous challenges in running the church. Yet, in the face of adversity, he confronted each challenge with unwavering resolve, viewing them as tests from a higher power. Henry’s post-transformation life unfolds as a truly enlightening tale.

The narrative exposes the harsh reality that those who earnestly seek transformation often encounter skepticism and mistrust from others. The trials faced by individuals striving to break free from their past demand a courage as unyielding as iron, akin to Henry’s, to weather the storms and maintain tranquility within.

Each chapter possesses its own unique essence, standing alone yet weaving seamlessly into the fabric of the overarching narrative. The fragments of Albert and Henry’s stories coalesce, forming a tapestry of lessons that resonate deeply. I was particularly captivated by Albert’s small stories and sermons – each one a thought-provoking and mind-boggling journey.

In conclusion, “Have A Little Faith” is not just a book; it’s an emotional odyssey. Albom’s storytelling, coupled with the profound teachings of Albert and Henry, makes for an enriching experience that lingers in the heart. The book invites you to reflect on life’s complexities, leaving you with a renewed sense of faith, hope, and understanding.

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