Your Destination Has Arrived by Barry Cheema Review

Your Destination Has Arrived by Barry Cheema 

Spiritual Fiction

I was in a trance when I finished the book. Silent for a long time. Afraid to speak. Afraid that word uttered would disturb the tranquility of my mind.

your destination has arrived

Once Osho said, "Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand – relax.If you relax it comes, if you relax it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it.”

My Wait Ends

And it came. It came in the form I would understand. And I thank my stars. It found the way to my hands. Something, I will treasure and cherish all my life. I am talking about the book Your Destination Has Arrived by Barry Cheema.

I always failed to absorb an out and out spiritual book. No matter how much I try. They don't interest me. Not the content. The way they were written.

Then I stop trying. Let it be. I will absorb at the right time. When I become as old as my father or my father in law. Old age might trigger some magic. And I would understand the essence and nuances of life.

Little did I know, knowing has nothing to do with age. Thanks to the author Barry Cheema. He crystal cleared the concept and difference between knowing and knowledge. The realization hit me hard.

"Knowing comes from your experience while knowledge is borrowed. Knowledge is like a father and knowing is like a mother. The father has just a piece of information about the child while a mother knows her child" - extracted from Your Destination has arrived

Story in Brief

But, first something about the book. The blurb indicates an unusual story. The story of a courageous and passionate pet police dog Bruno. The god gifts him a human lifae. His soul gets body and mind of a terrorist. With a task to find the purpose of life.

Now what is the purpose of life? Burno embarks on the journey. His desperation to know the purpose of life leads him to many places.

Then the help comes. From the most unexpected source. Even I was taken aback while reading the book. But this is the way of life. In the dire situation, help reaches you in the most miraculous manner. The author goes by the way of life.

Marriage of Spiritualism and Fiction

The book is a wonderful fusion of fiction with spirituality. The spiritual discourse by Osho was weaved around a fictional story.

I have read many fictitious spiritual books. But the spiritual discourse always seems to be forced.

Not in the case of Your Destination has Arrived. Spiritualism and Fiction blends effortlessly. Kudos to the author Barry Cheema for it. A balance between the two was perfectly maintained.

Breaks in between the spiritual conversation was a smart thing to do. It will refrain you from tiring. And will prepare your mind to further absorb the discourse.

The fictional story resonates the spiritual part. It compliments and prepares the necessary ground to send across the enlightening insights.

Reading the enlightening discourse was illuminating. It reaches straight to the heart.  Your Destination Has Arrived was soulful. Similar to hearing the recordings of Osho.

''A real atheist is better than a fake theist" - as extracted from Your Destination Has Arrived

Perfect for Laymen

My father in law has a full collection of books and cassettes of Osho’s preaching and teaching. But somehow I failed to imbibe the teaching of this revolutionary spiritual leader.

Not any more. The book Your Destination has Arrived has prepared the necessary base. A foundation on which I could build the blocks of spiritualism.

Though this book includes only a drop from the ocean of Osho's sermons. Yet it is an excellent book for a layman to start.

The Verdict

Who will enjoy this book?

**This book is elixir for someone like me with a newfound spiritual bend.

**Someone who loves reading spiritual books with a touch of fiction.

**Osho followers might find it interesting lighter version of Osho teaching.

**Anyone can enjoy Your Destination Has Arrived as it is written in easy language. Discussion and discourse comes with practical and relatable examples.

**I would recommend it to everyone.

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