Fortune’s Soldier by Alex Rutherford Cover Reveal

‘Robert Clive’, the moment I read this name in the blurb of Fortune’s Soldiers written by Alex Rutherford, famous author of Empire of the Moghul series, I became curious about the book. Is it the same Robert Clive about whom I read in history books during my schooling. Indeed, he was the same.


It is 1744, and Nicholas Ballantyne, a young Scotsman dreaming of a life as laird of his ancestral estate finds himself quite unexpectedly on the Winchester, a ship bound for Hindustan, seeking to begin a new life as a ‘writer’ on the rolls of the British East India Company. On board, he meets the spirited and mercurial Robert Clive, determined – at whatever cost – to make a fortune in a land of opportunity.

Over the years that follow, their friendship sees many twists and turns as Clive’s restless hunger for wealth and power takes him from being a clerk to a commander in the Company’s forces, masterminding plans to snuff out rival French interests in Hindustan and eventually leading the company forces to victory at Plassey, the prelude to nearly two centuries of foreign rule in Hindustan.


Recently, Hachette India has released the cover of the book with a lot of fanfare. The cover is stunning. A silver rifle in the middle with Mughal and British soldiers on either side. The cover instantly attracts attention and curiosity about the book. I was curious to know whether it is a literature on Mughal period with focus on Robert Clive era or a historical fiction.

The Blurb suggest to be fusion of history with a fictional story. It is definitely going to be an interesting read for anyone who loves reading historical fiction or history literature.

About The Author

Alex Rutherford is the pseudonym adopted by the husband wife duo Michael and Diana Preston. Together they have co- authored six books on the Mughal Empire. The books are as follows:

  1. Raiders from the North
  2. Brothers at War
  3. Ruler of the World
  4. The Tainted Throne
  5. The Serpent’s Tooth
  6. Traitors in the Shadows

Fortune’s Soldier is also set during Mughal period, but the focus is more on Robert Clive and his advent to power. I will be looking forward to read this book. The review Fortune’s Soldier by Alex Rutherford will be coming very soon.

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