Kalam: Kuch Ulte Panne J. Alchem Review

kalam kuch ulte panne j alchem

Whenever I pick up a book on APJ Abdul Kalam or a book written by him, my heart starts pumping with joy in anticipation that there will be something new to learn, to understand his great vision. It was a reason I picked up Kalam: Kuch Ulte Panne by J. Alchem

There was another reason to read this book. You might have guessed it by now. Yes, it is written in Hindi. I like to read books in Hindi every now and then whenever I get my hands on it. The last book I read in Hindi language was Mrutunjay by Shivaji Sawant.

Reverse Biography

This book is the fictional take on the life of APJ Abdul Kalam about the events which might have happened. There are stories about the life of this great President of India, which has been imagined and re-imagined by the author J.Alchem and conveyed in his own words.

My Favourite

Among all the stories I liked the first one the most. In that story Kalam Sahab had been shown in a hospital on the deathbed and the whole nation was praying for him. The way the author J. Alchem has played with words in this story was incredible and amazing. He bamboozled me into thinking something and something else happened.

My Remorse

I think that was the best story and the rest of the them were mediocre and not so interesting both in terms of storytelling and imagination.

All the while reading the book I was thinking about the purpose behind writing a reverse flash biography on a great personality like APJ Abdul Kalam where the author J Alchem vaguely mentioned about his thoughts and vision; about some of his great qualities; about his wisdom and experience; his words of motivation and encouragement. All these things were missing from the book.

There are no take away from the book, I didn’t learn anything new about this great leader nor there was any insight. It is not a thought provoking book about the most thoughtful person our century has witnessed.

The Verdict

Maybe I was expecting way too much from the book. But when you read a book about a great human being and a dynamic leader, you expect the book to be inspiring and insightful. That is the way you can do justice to the respective person.

The author J. Alchem missed a golden chance to write an inspirational fiction on APJ Abdul Kalam. There are so many interesting anecdotes and stories about Kalam Sahab which the author could have presented in the book in the fictional format giving away important message and making it worth a read.

Two Stars

J. Alchems

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