The Emperor by Ram Joshi Review

the emperor

At times when you are earnestly searching for answers, help comes unexpectedly. The book The Emperor happened to me when fear and hesitation filled my heart, preventing me to take a leap of faith. Clutched by self-doubt, this book written by Ram Joshi gave that much-required push to break the shackles binding me. Insights through the story of a Penguin helped me in doing so. What was that insight? Read on to find out. 

I have scant knowledge about Penguins except that they are Chionophiles birds who cannot fly. The author describes these tough but cute creatures animatedly. I was so fascinated about Penguins after reading the book that I watched all the videos available on youtube. 

The Emperor reminds me of another famous book Johnathan Living Seagull by Richard Bard. It’s written on the same line. But I felt The Emperor was more connecting, emotionally. I didn’t find it preaching but telling the story of a Penguin Em with a dream to explore and learn. 

Em faced many stumbling blocks. Self-doubt, discouraging tribe, adverse climatic condition, enemies to deal with, unknown, and uncertainty all around. You, me, and almost anyone who tries to trot on a lesser walked path face these and many other problems. It was interesting and intriguing to read how Em overcomes problems. 

My takeaway from this self-motivating book is asking yourself the right questions during testing time sets you in the right attitude to deal with problems. Right questions embark you in search of answers, which ultimately pays way to solutions. 

It is a must-read book, not a heavy read with unnecessary build-ups giving you drooping eyes. Ram Joshi’s writing is simple and lucid. The book is entertaining and actionable. if you wished to read a book similar to Johnathan Living Seagull then The Emperor by Ram Joshi could be the one.

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