the butterflies have died by Rinoshun Review

the butterflies have died


poems in lowercase

“i dust the house today

and all i find is your fingerprints

i walk outside on the muddy road

and i notice footprints 

all yours”

Once in a while, you will come across things that are unique and different, unconventional and out of the league. You have to broaden your thinking process and unlearn many things to appreciate the unusual. I went through a similar process when I started reading the butterflies have died by Rinoshun.

the butterflies have died is a collection of free verse poems which will make you ponder - giving you a different perspective, exploring the intricate corners of a lover's heart - lost in love and melancholy of a broken heart. In simple words the poet conveys profound thoughts.

Some poems touched my heart and soul as if the poet had read the deeply buried thoughts of my mind. The verse like My Ticking Bomb voiced the fear in which I live. An untitled poem showing a mourning son hasn't come in terms of losing his mother, tear open my heart. A lump formed in my throat and eyes welled with tears as the poem painted my frame of mind after the passing away of my mother.

Now, coming to the unusual aspect of these poems. The poet has disregarded the rules of grammar and capitalization. Except for a few, you will find poems written in lowercase. Several poems remained untitled. It was awkward to read initially. I took some time to get used to this style of writing. Beyond everything, what matters is how well the poem connects with you, thoughts, and emotions behind them. The rest is all superficial. The moment I accepted the poems as they are, it struck a chord.

The Verdict - If you have read Rupi Kaur's poems and loved them, then you shouldn't miss reading Rinoshun's work as well. His poems flow effortlessly with an electrifying effect asking for more each time. 

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