Notes for Healthy Kids by Rujuta Diwekar

The title of the new book by Rujuta Diwekar, Notes for Healthy Kids seems to bring my ever worrying soul a cool breeze of relief. The blurb accentuate my excitement for the book. Of course you might have already guessed it right this book is about kids and food.

There is a change in air or what exactly is the matter I am yet to decipher, but children of the wi-fi generation are just not interested in eating and mothers everywhere have to use rhymes on mobile, cartoons on TV to make them eat.

The books seems to have a lot to offer which includes guidelines on low immunity, frequent illness, obesity, eating problems, etc. These problems are like growing headaches for parents.

I am excited about the book and looking forward to its release by the end of December. The best thing about the book is that it is written keeping children in mind. So you can hand them the book to read and to make them aware about their body and the importance to keep it healthy. 

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