Matilda by Roald Dahl Review


I always kept aside Roald Dahl books, thinking they are children’s books meant only for kids. How wrong I was in my assumption, I realized while skimming through the pages of the book Matilda. I read a couple of pages, and the bookworm inside me got charged up itching to read the entire book then and there.

In the olden days, elders dismissed children as brats and undisciplined, demanding and irrational. They ignored the feelings and presence of their little ones, and corporal punishment was the way, both in school and at home on disobedience. In any gatherings or social functions, children didn’t even come in counting. The book Matilda gives a vivid picture of inhuman treatment towards children in those days.

In the book, Trunchbull, a principal of a school, bullies children and adults alike. She was no less than a tyrant. But the biter gets bit when Matilda comes in action. The Five and half-year-old girl Matilda was a wonder child, a genius. Surprisingly her parents treated her as a wart who, according to them, wastes the whole day reading books. 

It was a fun read. The author himself narrates the story and I loved the way Roald Dahl has infused life into each of his characters and each of the scenes. I adored Matilda and all the daredevils who stood against the bully. 

As an adult, I might say, taking revenge on your parents is a little nasty thing to do. Not all the parents are like Matilda’s parents. Children often misunderstood their parents. Discipline and rules don’t mean that parents are mean. I wish kids learn from the story of Matilda is to never bow down to bullies or wrongdoers. 

Matilda by Roald Dahl is the first book I read from the author, and this is the beginning. I plan to read all his books. Do read Matilda by Roald Dahl if you haven’t yet.

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