Birth of the Blue Mystic by Kisori Gopika Review

His eyes were locked on, turning me curious to know what caught the admiration of my five-year-old son. Gazing at the beautiful cover of the newly arrived book, my son squealed in joy when he saw me. We both sat down to read Birth of the Blue Mystic retold by Kisori Gopika. 

The story narrates the adventurous midnight arrival of Lord Krishna to Devaki and Vasudev and how he reaches the loving embrace of Yashoda and Nanda. Explained in detail the events that brought the Vaikuntha Nivasi on Earth. 

You must have read and seen the birth story of Krishna umpteenth time. You might have narrated to your little one as well. Birth of the Blue Mystic differs in its style of presenting the same old story. 

The author Kisori Gopika writes the story in verse style, which rhymes most of the time. So it sounds lyrical when you read out loud. Also goes on, sweet and inquisitive conservation between a mother and her son. Here mother narrates the story. 

You will find children's books written in a simple style to keep them uncomplicated and easy to understand. But the author Kisori Gopika didn't retell the story in a sequence, as you will find in most of the children's books. The narrative moves back and forth. It could confuse new readers a bit. 

The book introduced many new words to my son. He tried reading a line or two using phonics but prefers to hear it. He loves the way it rhymes. High-quality print and evocative illustration piqued his interest, and I faced a volley of questions from him. Every picture speaks for itself. It's a hard-bound board book and that too of high quality. 

The Verdict

This Krishna story book will attract every child or at least hold attention for a while for its beautiful, colorful, and expressive pictures. Older children might enjoy reading it but can't say exactly for little ones like mine. Plotting makes it a bit complicated. Nevertheless, Birth of The Blue Mystic adds value to the bookshelf. 

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