A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan by Adhirath Sethi Review

A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan 

by Adhirath Sethi



threaded shorts

I could be picky when it comes to short stories. At times, reading short stories or novella could be baffling. Even a tiny glitch in the storyline, convoluted plots, sketchy characters, forced twists, or anything could dampen the experience that leaves me unsatisfied and anguished. That's why I was skeptical when I started reading A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan by Adhirath Sethi. Read on to know how the novella made me feel.

As the title suggests, a wicked plan was hatched against the world-class cricketer Zohraab Mehta to make him the sovereign of the sport. The scheming, when revealed, will make you cringe.

I loved reading A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan. In the beginning, it was the author's immaculate and vivid writing which will soothe you into the story. I can't stop myself admiring the way the author builds each scene, introducing and describing the characters, the combination of words almost made the story visualistic.

The uniqueness of the writing style doubled with a subtle presence of suspense lurking in the corner, acting as a hook. Soon this suspense transformed into a full-fledged thriller. I found myself reading with bated breath, suspecting and second-guessing what revelation was stored ahead. Of course, my guesses were all wrong.

The Verdict -

A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan was a complete delight. I was so immersed and hooked into the story that any disturbance was irritating me. After a long time, I have read a short story that was perfect in execution, compelling, and enthralling to read.

It is the first story in the series titled Threaded Shorts. I am eagerly waiting for the next short one in the series.

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