Lica by Hitesh Trehon Review

Lica by Hitesh Trehon reminds me of the movie Kal Aaj Aur Kal. The film features three generations of the famous Kapoor family. It highlights changing dynamics of the family with each generation and the thick fog of differences of opinion between them. Hitesh Trehon has written Lica with the same concept focusing more on career and love in the life of three men from different generations of the same family. 

The story revolved around the personal and professional lives of Mulkhraj, the grandfather, Raj, the father, and Inder, the son. They were lawyer, doctor, and hotelier respectively by profession and extremely passionate to scale in life. Their work ethics were more or less similar, but approaches and perceptions towards handling passion differed. Mulkhraj was ambitious. Raj was more content among the three, while Inder was on a rampage to conquer the Hotel industry. Their love stories would also catch your interest. 

The book reads like a saga about the achievement of these three men and women in their lives. Their stories are without many hurdles or downs in their life. In other words, only peaks and no valleys. Despite it, the saga gripped me. I got addicted to the author’s effortless flowing narrative style like a wild, free-spirited river eager to meet the ocean. 

The novel has a massive ensemble of characters. All of them have their space and role to play. But most of the characters, including the leading ones, were well-rounded and fully developed characters. The author sketched them with perfectness, and they hardly evolved throughout the story. There was some scope in Inder’s story. Inder’s character was not close to perfection nor his story. I was expecting some high voltage family drama, but sadly, it was thrown away by the author.

Why the book was titled Lica is a mystery to me? It remains unsolved even after finishing the book. She plays a minor role but ends up with a big task to keep the legacy of Dev’s family going. 

The Verdict

I would recommend Lica by Hitesh Trehon if looking to read a fast-paced family-based fictional novel with romance.

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