The BFG by Roald Dahl Review

bfg by roald dahl

The Big Friendly Giant or The BFG, written by Roald Dahl, narrates an unusual friendship between a 25 feet tall giant and a little eight-year-old girl Sophie. And it was interesting to read how this duo of tall and short saves the world from the other not-so-friendly giants. 

All of a sudden, while reading the story, a realization dawned upon me. Don’t parents appear to be big friendly giants to children? You must have seen how little kids have to stretch their necks to look at and talk to their parents. Children will relate to this tall giant galloping around, blowing happy dreams to kids. 

Roald Dahl has etched an inspiring character in BFG. He self-taught himself to read and write. He ate a vegetable like bitter gourd but didn’t hunt human beings for meals like other giants from his country. His moral values, to stand to one’s guns, to protect and care were worth emulating traits. He points out a valid point that among all the species living on Earth, human beings are the one who kills their alike. Sophie was also adorable. 

The Verdict: I am sure children will have fun reading it. 

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