Author Interview : Irshad Ahmed Qadri

 Irshad Ahmed Qadri has released his first book Love Without An Attachment. He has an interesting perception about love and importance of attachment in a relationship. BookWorld found it while having an online chat with the author. Here is the extract of the interview with  Irshad Ahmed Qadri.

Q. Please tell us about your journey as a writer?

Initially I decided to pursue my career in the Journalism field. But In today’s world modern journalism theory became biased & un-natural to the society & it is tough to clarify actual journalism against yellow press. So after completing my degree in Journo I decided to be an author instead of making a career in journalism.

Poetry at very early stage led me to breathe in the presence of every tiny creature of the mighty creator. At last I decided to elaborate my imagination into fiction writing to serve social message to the society.

Q. What’s the best investment made into your writing career?

Time, knowledge, imagination & social attachment is my big investment. 

Q. Can you tell us your strengths and weaknesses as a storyteller?

Strengths & weakness is just a human mentality. This is part of every creature’s life. I believe I have the power of imagination. Yes.! You can say overthinking. I love to get knowledge in every field; mostly in History, science & logic in religion. This thing fires up my imagination skills with logic & fantasy.

Talking about weaknesses, I can’t communicate with people easily.

Q. How did this book, *Love Without an Attachment* happened?

In my college days, I have witnessed few suicide attempt for the same reason. Mostly the girl gets involved in love but without an attachment or without mutual understanding. One night while staring at the sky I have a thought; Is this the same situation for the other creatures of the creator? And suddenly a star fell from the sky to the ground. Is the star killing itself; I asked myself? And the story slowly came to mind.

Q. Tell us your thinking behind the book. Why do you think attachment is important in 


Here I am going to quote from my book why I strongly believed Love without an attachment is just a dead end.

“Love is just a word. 

Sometimes trustworthy and sometimes fake. 

If you ask me, have I ever fallen in Love? 

I’d say, ‘No, I fall in an attachment.’ 

Attachment sounds like a perfect word for love. Attachment separates reality from the imaginary.

Attachment reacts directly from heart to heart; vein to vein; mind to mind and from soul to soul. But “Love” is filled with surprises, joy, care and sometimes hurt. Love makes only one thing visible-“Mis-understanding”. 

Q. If you look back now, how has the whole experience of self-publishing been?

At one time, you have to make decisions for everything. After going round & round in the book publishing labyrinth, I decided to take a chance in self publishing.And publishing house did an amazing job & helped me to take one most important step ahead to the goal.

As an aspiring author I have an amazing experience with a self publishing company.

Q. Your epitaph would read?

I completed my graduation in journalism(2013-14) but ended up doing my own business.

Poetic in nature almost from decade now. I am married. Having a 2 year old beautiful daughter.

Now I am a complete package of family guy in my 27. 

Q. How do you balance your work and personal life while writing the book? 

Your passion balances your personal & professional life. I am not much of a disciplined person but anyhow I steal a couple of hours for my passion from my daily routine. I have to do it for my inner peace.

Q. The world is under the grip of deadly Coronavirus. How you are coping up with this new normal?

Suddenly, everything changed. This is really a very tough time for everyone. I’m still trying to figure out for future normality.

But on the positive side; I’m furbishing my writing skill by writing poem on different topic like current situation, social norms, nature,etc. 

Q. A few galvanizing words for the readers to fill them with gusto in the lockdown.

I love to write a poem here.

(HINDI POEM) I’ll make it short.

Har koi talashta hai ilaaj khud ke suqoon ke liye,

Ab prakruti ne khud ka ilaaj dhunda toh pareshani kis baat ki hai;

Jurm bhi bade the tumhare,pareshan prakruti ko tumne bhi kia tha,

Ab qaid hogaye khud ke mahal mei toh tumhe pareshani kis baat ki hai….

Just A thought….

Everything happens in life for a reason.

Your body broke up with your soul.

Your mind is distracted with your desire.

Your peace cut into the pieces.

You already died earlier before Covid arrived.

Covid19 gave a chance to heal yourself

Connect your mind to your soul

Peace rely on your happiness

Rejuvenate your world before Covid leaves….

Stay alert & Stay safe

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