The Bug, the Bear and Baby Boo by Deepna Nagar Review

The Bug The Bear And

Baby Boo

by Deepna Nagar

Children's Book

Engaging story with beautiful pictures

Easy to Read

New readers can easily read it with some help

children's book

The Bug The Bear And Baby Boo

Story in Brief

When baby Boo beholds a shiny and attractive ladybug and decides to follow it, little did she know what awaits her inside the dangerous woods? It is the story of the children's book, The Bug, The Bear, and Baby Boo written by Deepna Nagar.

Good Writing

It is a thin book written in simple and easy to understand language. You would find a mixture of small and not so long sentences. New readers can easily read it.

Great Pictures

The book has high quality, colorful and evocative illustrations. The pictures perfectly resonate with the story, firing up the imagination of the children and making it easy to visualize.

Interesting Story

The story itself was engaging. It raised the curiosity of the two little listeners - my five year old son and his six year old cousin sister, and both asked so many questions and came up with their own answers that the author might herself never thought of those.

Time Well Spend

The best one which amazed me, I am sharing here. My son asked me how humans live in caves. Then where would tigers and lions live? Immediately her sister chips in that it is an ancient story. First, dinosaurs used to live in caves. When they left earth, we started living in caves. Then we decided to build flats, so tigers and lions began living in caves. I was bewildered, the way they both contributed their bit to the story.


The climax evoked different reactions from both the children. My son expected more action when the Bear came into the picture. Baby Bears or teddy bears are his favorite. And he kept on asking about the same. His elder sister was visibly concerned about the welfare of baby Boo. But both agreed that the baby Boo’s adventure ended very soon.

The Verdict -

The story, pictures, a little adventure, a narrow escape, and a teddy bear, this children's storybook has everything to keep your child engaged and curious.

The joy to see your child attempting to read a book is worth more than a million dollars. And I experienced it when both the children were trying to pronounce words by using their phonic sounds.

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