Misfits, Mystics, Love, and Life by Raminder Bajwa Review


Misfits, Mystics, Love, and Life by Raminder Bajwa Review

misfits, mystic, life and love

Misfits, Mystic, Love and Life by Raminder Bajwa is the poetry anthology. You would find poems with varied flavours and colours. Resonating with your mood and taste. All clearly demarcated under six themes - Triumphs and Tragedies, Love, Friendship, Gods and Angels, Life, Misfits & Mystic.

Each theme captures all the relevant essence of life and humanity. Delving deep and deciphering both sides of the coin. The poems added to my imagination, fired my creative juices and stated the truth without mincing words.

Reading them was like sitting near the shores. Poems were like waves. Some started with vigour, but just managed to reach nearby. Many struggled within the fold of other waves. And a few mighty one drenched me from head to toe.

Some of the poems were almost perfect. They were metered and lyrical. The meaning was not lost in lieu to rhyme it properly. The author with elance conveyed his thoughts hitting straight to target. The word WOW was uttered each time when a poem was cherished both by my heart and mind.

“Another Year, another resolve! Another wish to further evolve. 

Another chance! Another fight; Another tear to clean and wipe.”

Being a lady, the author completely enthralled and floored me with his poems on women. They brought out various facets of women and her nature. They were unabashed admiring, recognising and accepting. Here’s a glimpse of it

“She wouldn't surrender! She wouldn't crawl on knees;

She wins her battles single-handedly

She's a warrior! She's also a mother;

Her cause is just and she'll take it further.

She's a goddess and she's got a taste

Press the wrong buttons? She's the devil incarnate.

You'll find her in the village and you'll find her in the city;

Be suave, be nice, she'll love you till eternity.”

But yes, as I said earlier the poet Raminder Bajwa has tried to capture both sides of the coin. So you will find another side of above poem as well. All of them were good to read.

Triumphs and Tragedies section was dedicated to the American soldiers. It failed to generate pride feelings inside me. May be, things would have been different if it was just about soldiers in general about their bravery and sacrifices.

Poems under the Love theme were all heartwarming, and at times alluring to read. They have the charm to woo your lover. But a feeling of longing and yearning in the poems were the dominant. Desire to meet, to be loved, to be waiting, to be accepted, etc., but my favourites are the one on breakup and one on makeup. I read and reread them. Both were stunners.

Here’s a glimpse of one on makeup

Once again, maybe let’s try;

You and I and the blue sky.


They say,”When relation to sour,

And you think you are all done,

The roar of a motorcycle engine

Makes two souls reunite as one.’’

Under the Life section, you will find many deep insightful poems. Some of them could be read again and again. They were soulful and thoughtful.

I like poems with metaphors. Decoding them and absorbing the essence. My mind brims with satisfaction when I get to read such a poetry. There were not many metaphoric poems in the collection. Whatever handful were enough to win your heart. I loved Color vs Black and White. Nature's phenomena of day and night has been beautifully described with the colours. Lovely.

But, yes, as the world is a mixture of good, bad and grey. So are the poems in the anthology. Many were forced rhythm. Some started with a promise. Then it left me wondering where it's leading. The poet’s thinking behind the poem didn't come out effortlessly all the time. Many didn't trigger me to ponder.

The Verdict

Misfits, Mystic, Love and Life is a cumulative collection of many elements like spirituality, emotions, desires, patriotism, pride, humans and their nature, etc. In the tapestry of this collection you will find many threads weaving together to form a beautiful artistry resonating, compelling and insightful. But there are loose threads leaving you confused and indifferent.

The poet Raminder Bajwa with these six themes have captured every nook and feature of this universe. You will find varied poetries. Something for everyone on everything.

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