Supercop of Aryavrat by Mithilesh Kumar Review

Supercop Of Aryavrat by Mithilesh Kumar

Supercop of Aryavrat

Worshippers remember and call Lord Krishna with many denominations. There are an endless number of titles for him. The author Mithilesh Kumar in his new book on Krishna, Supercop of Aryavrat, has conferred him with a modern appellation, Supercop. Why this name? You will know it while reading the book.

supercop of aryavrat

The book starts with Krishna reflecting on his life. But soon, it takes a biographical tone. The author narrates the incidents before the birth of Krishna. An eventful arrival of the people's savior till his last moments on Earth are all briefed in the book.

You must have grown up hearing and watching adventures and miracles of Lord Krishna. Those same stories, refined and clubbed together by the author in the form of biography. I particularly enjoyed, stories related to his marriages, to his eight principal queens. Except for Rukmini's marriage, I was not aware of the incidents leading to his other marriages. Similarly, many other minor and major events find a way into the book.

It is not like retelling with insights and analysis or fantasy mythology interpretation, which we are reading a lot these days. Supercop of Aryavrat reads more like a biography of Lord Krishna. The author adopted an unembellished style of telling the chronicles, which involved his active participation.

Seasoned readers of mythology genre might find reading the same stories in a plaintive style a little dull. But Supercop of Aryavrat would be a delight for beginners, pre-teen readers who have outgrown children's books and started looking for profound reads.

The Verdict

Supercop Of Aryavrat is the collection of Krishna’s stories told as they were. Overall, it was good to recall all the old bedtime stories of Krishna’s feats and exploits.

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