Potpourri by Deepak Kaul Review


Evocative short stories always leave a pang in the heart. You don’t want it to end soon, and when it does, your heart desires for more. I have a similar feeling while reading Potpourri by Deepak Kaul.

Just as the title suggests, the book is the medley of short stories. I am sure they are the result of random musing by the author. It is like a beautiful tin box of assorted chocolate, which quickly melts in your mouth, each with a different flavor and after taste.

I don’t want to fill you with stories. It is better to discover them. What I want to tell you is each story reads like a riddle about a protagonist. There are a total of 13 stories. The protagonist could be symbolic, inspired by a mythical character or real one. These stories are no less than suspense thrillers. Each short story will set you on an expedition to join the dots, unravel the protagonist, and a lot of afterthoughts.

I have read many novellas by the author Deepak Kaul. He has this nonchalant, no-nonsense, precise, and vivid writing style. His unconventional thought process will make you sit back and think. Potpourri is no different, in fact, even better.

The Verdict: 

I enjoyed reading all the stories. But some were outstanding. They pulled me in, and I was amazed by the author’s imagination. I would love to read full-fledged novels on some of the stories.

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