Done With Her by Chirasree Bose Review

Once I remember eating a chocolate which was very similar to Ferrero Rocher. It had a crispy wafer crust outside and it’s creamy chocolate melts in the mouth. But it leaves behind a very bitter taste towards the end. The aftertaste completely destroys the heavenly initial experience.

I felt the same thing after finishing the book Done With Her by Chirasree Bose. But wait, don’t just form an opinion. Read on to know why.


First something about the story just in few words. The story starts with Avesh Mathur who works in a software company. There he falls for a ravishingly gorgeous girl Spreeha but his mind keeps alerting him against it. It warns him of a trap, but somehow Avesh can’t stop himself. Why so? Well, I can’t reveal anymore without giving away the entire storyline.

Good Narrative Flow

This gorgeous girl Spreeha is a mysterious character whose mystery the author has wrapped and guarded secretly and doesn’t reveal anything so easily. She creates a sensuous mystery which is both mind numbing and thrilling.

The entire build up towards the big revelation of the mystery was stupendous and mind blowing. There are so many turns of event that you keep wondering what dark secret Avesh and his friends were hiding and when this cloud of suspense would burst revealing the truth and releasing the tension.

While reading the book one thing you will surely realize early on is that all the characters were grey shaded. But you have to wait for the story to unfold in order to know how much white and black cells are in the grey shade. This is what makes it a dark novel.

The author has a brilliant writing style and a spark to write great crime thrillers just like Agatha Christie. It is no doubt an impressive debut.

A Glitch

But this book falls short to become a great debut.

Everything was going great, but the last twist towards the climax of the story proved to be a spoiler. It just didn’t fit with the sequence, with the logic and seriously, I wished the author would have done a little more brainstorming to come up with a better twist and what a fantastic crime thriller it would have turned out to be.

Also, there were a couple of loopholes in the plotting like about the education of the characters, a few about Spreeha which were difficult to digest.

The Verdict

The kind of potential I have seen in the writing of the author, it is not easy to write her off.

Overall the book was a chilling suspense thriller. Reading Done With Her was like watching Crime Patrol. It was engrossing and captivating.

Looking forward to read more from the author.

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