Mindful Musings by Akansha Gupta and Shalu Gupta Review

Poetry Book Review

poetry review

Feb 13, 2020


Mindful Musings is the poetry collection of the poets' reflection on various aspects of life and attitude. The sister duo Akansha Gupta and Shalu Gupta give their musing a lyrical and rhythmical touch, which takes the form of the verses.

Both the poets seem to keep a track on their thought process. The kind of thoughts that pass by your mind, undetected and inconsequential. Such thoughts, coupled with deep observation and experience from their surroundings, situations, values, and traits distills into the poems.

Most of the poems were rhyming beautifully towards the end. The duo kept their writing style simple. As the motive was to reach many hearts, they avoided using any grandiose words. But they try to keep the poems lyrical. The book packed with a plethora of emotions and inspiration has amazing insights.

Initially, I find the poems a wee bit complicated to decipher. They sounded like a riddle. It could be because I overlooked the titles of the poems. They are interlinked. Once I started reading the poems keeping titles in mind, they amused me.

Some of the poems will take you by surprise. A poem like Words Vs Action shines out. It was not only well written, but the thought behind the poem bloomed effortlessly. "'Cause ‘well said fails against well done!" I read and reread this poem several times.

I found plenty of noteworthy takeaway quotes from the book. Like one of the poems says, Love when it's right, but love the right. These are the simple words, but when used in the right sequence, the poets' expressed a profound thought. There are several such moments in the book which will catch your fancy.

All the poems were thoughtful and relatable. But they need refinement. The poems start well but lose grip in the middle, and I feel stranded, thinking where it is going.

The Verdict

Anyways, this poetry book gave words to many thoughts that were dwelling inside me, concealed. Suddenly they got the wings of the word and dots to join. The poems were inspiring, and some will jolt you from your slumber.

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