For One More Day by Mitch Albom Book Review

For One More Day

by Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom has an impeccable grip on human psychology, and he understands relationships. One of the reasons why his stories stir the heart and touch the soul. They are inspiring, and you can’t help but stop and reflect.

For One More Day is no different from the other books of Mitch Albom. Told in his trademark style, it is such a soul-stirring and soulful book on a mother and child relationship. I would highly recommend every mother and son to read it.

I turned into a teary pool of mush by the time I finished reading For One More Day by Mitch Albom. It awakened my dormant desire to meet my mother only one more time. I feel like crying out, ''Oh God, please give me One More Day with my mother". This book will surely melt something inside you. It would compel you to act before it's too late.

Children often misunderstand their parents. They feel ashamed of their parents and look down upon them. More often the pain and sacrifices of parents go unnoticed, untold, and unrecognized. It is when children become parents themselves or that umbrella of protection lifts forever then one deciphers their parent's real value.

The protagonist Charley has a similar story. He yearned for his father, who deserted the family. And somehow he was never happy with his mother, who was his rock-solid support. The mother passes away, and Charley's life was an utter mess. He thinks of his mother all the time. Frustrated and lonely, Charley decides to end his life. And some magic happens, and Charley gets to live one more day with his mother.

The book highlights the bittersweet relation of a mother and son, a mother's selfless love, and regrets and remorse of a son. It could be the story of any household and any person. You will marvel at the way the author portrayed the compassionate love of a mother for her child, her silent sacrifices which she brushed aside as no-big-deal. It makes me remember all the things which my mother did while raising me.

The presence of a ghost in the story will arouse suspense. I was curious to know how the author Mitch Albom will explain the ghost in the story. But he does that with ease. And this arouses a hope that you might also meet your dear one, at least, to say a proper goodbye. I am hopeful to meet my mother again one day.

The Verdict

The story of Charley and his mother is poignant and touching. It might touch your raw nerve, but then it is also a story of forgiveness and healing, enlightenment and hope, introspective and perceptive.

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