Designing Destiny by Kamlesh Patel Review

designing destiny by kam;esh patel

Designing Destiny

My Introduction to The Heartfulness Way

I came to know about Daaji Kamlesh Patel and The Heartfulness Way method of meditation through the book The Heartfulness Way written in a candid conversation style between Daaji Kamlesh Patel, the master and Joshua Pollock, the disciple. I loved the book. It further instigated my interest in meditation. This was the reason I picked up Designing Destiny. This time by Daaji himself.


Destiny is one topic which always intrigues me. Everything is planned or do we have a say in it. Daaji explains it in the most concise

manner and easy to understand. In fact, the back side of the cover summarises it all well. Through meditation it is possible to fill colours of your choice in your destiny.

Life Altering Part of the Book

Reading the two chapters in the book, Transform Yourself and Transform Relationship was like deep diving into the ocean of spiritualism and self improvement. They were enlightening and enriching to read and I was continuously reflecting inwards.

I have learned so much from these two chapters. Like a tip to control anger, perfect time to do meditation, scientific reason behind offering water to the Sun, importance of fasting on Ekadasi, harmful effects of radiation in our life, graphic on it was mind boggling, need of poise and stillness in life and many more.

It was smart on the behalf of Daaji to give scientific reasoning and logic behind our ancient ancestor rituals which are now painted with religious colours by our religious gurus and some planetary effect according the astrologers. Millennial generation asks for logic. You give them logic and they will believe and follow it.

Some Repetition

Like my previous read from the author, even in this book Daaji writes in detail about the process of The Heartfulness Way. Various methods like relaxing, cleaning, prayer with the help of the technique likeTransmission. Then the role of Guru. All these I have read in The Heartfulness Way also were included in Designing Destiny. That part was repetitive.

In this book as well Daaji just touches upon these methods but refrain from going deep. For that you have to contact The heartfulness trainer. It is fine completely. But then the feeling the book is a marketing gimmick to spread awareness of the effectiveness of The Heartfulness Way cannot be avoided.

The Verdict

Without a doubt, Designing Destiny is a profoundly insightful and deeply thoughtful book.

Daaji has given every possible reason to meditate daily.

And my mind brimmed with satisfaction as it does each time I read a book which deeply moved me and made me think.

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