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                                          August 26

Tanmay Dubey

BookWorld got an opportunity to have a candid chat with the author Tanmay Dubey on his newly released book The Red Line and many more.

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the red line by tanmay dubey

Tell us something about yourself?

I work as a Book Writing Coach, Work Life Balance coach and take Industry Readiness Seminars in Colleges. I am also a fitness enthusiast and have completed 30 half marathons and 5 full Marathons including Sydney, Amsterdam and Geneva International Marathons. I am also the first Indian Fiction Author to complete IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon in Port Macquire Australia.

Some of our readers might not know much about Red Line. Tell us a bit about your newly released book?

THE RED LINE is a murder mystery. Inspired by true events, It is a thriller that treads the dark by lanes of international espionage and corrupt defense deals. The exciting story witnesses the journey of an honest cop to discover his true dharma and a brave women army officer’s selfless service for her country.

The story is based on a real event. How much research you have put in, and the texts you referred to for the book?

I interviewed people from Ministry of Defence, read various reports and new paper articles related to the events that I was writing about. I almost researched for 6-8 months before I started to write the book.

the red line by tanmay dubey

The plot of the book is complex and layered. Please tell our readers how you plan and worked on it?

Writing a thriller becomes challenging for the writer as one must solve the unsolved points that he/ she creates in the story, I questioned myself repeatedly from a reader’s point of view and ensured I didn’t cross the canvas of the characters that I was writing about. I just went with the flow as to how would the characters would react in situations in which I was throwing them into the story.

Why did you choose to write a murder mystery thriller?

I am a super fan of Murder Mystery and thriller genre. I love James Bond books and films. I was exciting by the idea of writing about a character Hanumant Shastri who is diagonally opposite to a quintessential James Bond kind of character. He is old, He is a family man, he is an underdog a declared failure in his life. How this character comes out as a hero is what THE RED LINE is all about.

How was the journey of publishing your first book?

I must say, getting the first break was toughest, after my self-published version of JUST SIX EVENINGS did well, I was able to grab the attention of an established publisher like RUPA PUBLICATION. I went to many doors only to be welcomes by rejection, but I didn’t lose faith and kept my pursuit going.  

ironman tanmay dubey

You have co- authored The Amigos with Rahul Tiwari. How was the experience?

I know Rahul since our childhood days and we share very same thought patterns. It was absolute fun to co- author THE AMIGOS with him. The book is all about today’s youth, the power of young people that we as a nation can harness and the courage that you must have to succeed in your life.  

Which novelists do you admire?


What’s coming up next from you?

I am writing a self-help book with another first-time author P Raghuraman. The book will be talking about essential qualities that you must develop to become a Super Sales Personnel.

Finally, if you could pass on a single piece of advice to authors out there reading this interview, what would it be?

They should answer the WHY first before they want to become an author. When The WHY is in place, then they should have full confidence and faith in their skills and should create there own style. Every book fill its reader!

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