The Watchmaker and Time by Devang Kanavia Review

the watchmaker and time

We all love watches. They might have lost their utility for showing time, but watches came back in vogue with a bang in more stylish avatar and now these timepieces enhance and complete our dress-up for any occasion. There is something more in a watch, then our eyes meet. Something I realized after reading the book The Watchmaker And Time by Devang Kanavia.

The book has completely changed my outlook about watches. They are not just accessories or an instrument to measure time, but the dial and hands of the watch have a deeper meaning which the author has brought out brilliantly in the book.

Concept of Time

I am not a science student and my understanding about the time and the universe is limited. But the book could be a delight to anyone who want to understand the concept of infinity, big bang and how time is finite. The explanation in the book certainly lays the base on which a layman can further build his or her understanding on the subject.

Story in Brief

Let me tell you something about the story. Pedro is a passionate watchmaker. He receives a unique watch in the most bizarre scenario. This watch holds a secret which Pedro wants to unravel. How it happens forms the rest of the story.


One thing I can safely remark that Devang Kanavia is an amazing and intelligent storyteller. He has brilliantly used the element of suspense in his story which will keep you hooked to the book till the end, even if you didn’t find all the theories to be interesting.

It is a small book, but it is packed with all the right elements to become a great read. The way the essence of time has been explained, the concept of finite and infinite, the analogy drawn between the state of mind and the dial and hands of the watch were simply brilliant. All this sounds very complex but the author has explained everything in simple manner with a fictional setup.


My only complain is the way the climax has been written. It could have been better and more logical.

The Verdict

It is a great read for laymen.

It is four starer read. ****

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