The Chronicler by Jvalant Nalin Sampat Review

The Chronicler

by Jvalant Nalin Samat

the chroniclers

Fiction books on India and Pakistan have their readership. The story weaved around partition time, or current situation, they all seem to be relevant and stir strong feelings. I felt a similar surge of emotions when reading the blurb of the book The Chroniclers by Jvalant Nalin Sampat. It hinted that the book is going to be a perfect read in the backdrop of the current international situation.

Story in Brief

The story is about the foreign intervention of nations to fulfill their economic interest, political objectives, and to establish themselves as a world power. This leads to a series of dangerous political games and terrorism. And in this mayhem was caught a common man named Udai. He was on the run to save his life.

Fiction around Politics

Given the present international political conditions, this book is an interesting read. The author has a tremendous grip over geopolitics and international relations, which is the backbone of this story. I was amazed by the way the author weaves a series of fictional events around the current political scenario.


The sarcasm in the writing was subtle but unmissable. I loved the undertone sarcasm on China, Pakistan, and America. They were icing on the cake. The author was not biased. He didn't spare the Indian politicians and their lax attitude.

Narrative Style

The narrative is plot-driven. It runs on a fixed track with characters coming and going, according to the need of the story. The large ensemble of characters will not bother you. As the author has a tight grip over the plot. Each character plays his part and takes the story forward. None of the characters overpowers the plot.


The author has used futuristic technology to add the novelty factor in the storyline. It forms the crux of the story, and the author explains it in simple and vivid terms. But I wish such a technology never comes into existence.

Something Not Enough

I missed the pace and thrill in the story. Things were butter smooth for Udai. He never seems to be in danger and was easily overpowering his enemies. I would have loved if he outwitted his enemies. The story goes on with no major twist and turn. No real surprise or suspense to catch you off guard or push you on the edge of the chair.

The Verdict

In spite of this major drawback, the author has meticulously tied together all the events to create a cohesive story. Politics and sarcasm will keep you vested in the book. A reason why I enjoyed reading the book.

The novel ends on a wishful note. It will be a proud moment for every Indian if it turns into reality.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read light breeze political thriller books laced with sarcasm.

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