Nobody’s Child by Kanchana Banerjee Review

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Nobody's Child by Kanchana Banerjee

nobody's child

Nobody's Child

Book Cover First, For A Change

I seldom notice the cover of the book. For me it is superficial. But not in case of Nobody's Child by Kanchana Banerjee.

Those dark eyes on the cover intrigued me. There was a shock in those eyes. They were terrified. Little did I know the story behind those eyes will send chills down my spine. I was literally shivering while reading.

Story in Brief

Avasri was the winner of Indian Koel contest. She becomes the darling of the nation but dies in an accident. The entire nation was gobsmacked when she returns after two years in a pathetic condition, brutalized and abused.

Dark Side of Society

I was praying. Please author doesn't portray the world as it is. But the author Kanchana Banerjee showed no mercy. She didn't mince her words. She poured the barbarism of the civilized world in her story.

There was a hunger for power, fame, insensitive, hypocrisy, goriness, dirty politics, selfishness, opportunistic. In short, nothing was left. It is a dark novel revealing murky side of society and naked realities of life.


All characters were grey shaded. Some have more black cells in their grey. One of the characters I wished to read her as kamini. Please pardon me for the slang. All the character’s backstory unfolds slowly.

Through their stories you will draw a rough outline of the protagonist Avasri’s story. What exactly happened to her. Why she calls herself Nobody’s Child. It was a cunning way to build up all the anticipation which you will await with bated breath to reveal.

My heart went out for the protagonist Avasri. I just wanted to hug her tight. To comfort her in every possible manner. But I guess our protagonist doesn't need it. Along with a melodious voice she has a fighting spirit which would see through her all the trauma.

Everything So Real

You must be thinking I have gone crazy. That Nobody's Child is just a novel and Avasri is just a fictional character. Then why to assume and think of her as a real person.

Well I would say this is the prowess of the author Kanchana Banerjee's writing. It was straight and hard hitting.


But the novel ends on a positive note. Something which I want to remember - "Don't fight the bad memories. Allow them to come and go. The more you resist, the more they will persist."

I want to remember this story not for all the pitch dark things, but as a story of a survivor, of fighting spirit, of indomitable will."Life always finds a way."

The Verdict

You can read the story of Avasri in two ways. As a story which brings out the most inhuman and brutal side of our society.

Or as a survivor story who suffered many heartbreaks and survived the most traumatic abuse with a string of hope for a good life.

In any approach you chose to read. It is a must read.

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