Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini Review

Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini

sea prayer by khaled hosseini

Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini is not an usual illustrated novel of 300 pages or so, depicting the plight of refugees. It is a powerful storytelling by the author in just 48 pages. The beauty of this book is in saying more with less words.


Khaled Hosseini along with Dan Williams tell the heartfelt melancholy feelings of a father who was helpless to protect his three year old son Marwan from the inevitable fatal after-misery of war which many a times lead to death in search of shelter and safety.



Realities of this World

The book will make you aware of your blessings, thinking about thousands of little kids like Marwan whose childhood gets embroiled with the horrifying experience of war. We are lucky to live in peaceful country and time but some parts of world are still shaken by war which wipes out people from their roots.

The story naked the fear which resides in the heart of every parent. The powerlessness to protect our precious ones all the time. And all we can do is to pray for the safety of our children. 



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Outstanding Writing 

I can't stop myself from admiring Hosseini's talent and capability to express feelings, experience, description and the shift in the scenario in just few words and that too with perfection. 

He knows the right combination of words to effectively weave the story line, memories of better days, tumultuous present situation and uncertain future along with the emotions of the characters.


The prose is melodious and captivating to read. The compelling writing of the author will transport you to the wonderful days when there was peace in the country to the devastating dark days. You cannot read the latter half of the book without the sharp twinge in the heart. 


Mindblowing Illustration

Khaled Hosseini's prose was well supported and complemented by beautiful evocative illustrations of Dan Williams. The illustrations were bright and colourful during better days and it turns dark with the onset of war. 


The quality of the paper is top notch and so is the attractive cover of this hardbound book. 

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My Thoughts

The one who is expecting a full fledged novel might find the book both expensive and disappointing, but personally I fell in love with the writing of the author.


Like his previous ones, this book also arouses a lot of emotion, is devastating and disturbing. The author manages to do so just in few words. Such is the prowess of his writing; the power of his words.

It is the most thought provoking book on my bookshelf and I pray for the well being of each and every refugee.


I will also advise against buying a Kindle version of this book. The beauty of this book will be subdued in the black and white screen of Kindle. So it is better to hold a real hardcover book in the hand rather than a virtual one.

It is also a lovely coffee table book.

The Verdict

Sea Prayer is a brilliantly written book. In the present scenario when there is so much fluff and build up added even to send across a small point that it is becoming a rare talent to put forward your viewpoints or emotions in few words. Hat off to Khaled Hosseini for it. 

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About The Author

Khaled Hosseini is a world wide admired author. His books are known for depicting the torture citizens endures due to bigotry approach towards religion and war leaving thousands and thousands homeless and in dark future. His books are mirror image of society.


He was brought up in California but he was deeply attached to his roots, something which is apparent from his stories and his endeavor to make his country Afghanistan a better to place to live. 

Books by Khaled Hosseini 

The Kite Runner

The Thousand Splendid Sun

And The Mountains Echoed 


All his books are on relationship and friendship against the background of tumultuous condition of Afghanistan due to Taliban takeover and war, all in name of religion. 

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