No Limits by Mukesh Bansal Review

Unleash the potential of your mind and body with the book No Limit by Mukesh Bansal.

A Must Read

My joy knows no bounds by the time I completed the first two chapters of the book No Limits by Mukesh Bansal. I could hear my heart thundering like the galloping of the horses. It is the kind of book I wished to read. It gave me a lot of food for thought and answered many of my questions. And yes, it has a perfect recipe for high performance.

no limit by mukesh bansal

As a child, I tried to learn many things but used to give up thinking that I am not good enough. Self-doubt was a big mental block that sabotaged my efforts to learn new skills, and I never managed to attain my true potential.

'No Limits' is an eye-opening book. It will burst many bubbles of myth and disbelief you have surrounded your ability and capability. It will clear the dark clouds of doubts and let the sunshine of conviction out on you. It is common to put the mental blocks by thinking that perhaps you are not talented enough. But the writer Mukesh Bansal will propel you to let the river of creativity flow unhindered and live your brushed aside dreams.

Based on many books written by the experts combined with his personal experience, Mukesh Bansal has come up with a superb guide and roadmap for high performance. He has shared a lot of information and findings, tools and hacks, insights and perspective, which will enable you to achieve things, you thought were impossible. Many of those things you might be doing unconsciously, but your efficiency and productivity will be enhanced when done on the conscious level.

It is a kind of book which you cannot read in a hurry. I want to come back to this book, again and again, to absorb it completely and to work on the strategies to give that extra push to become a better version of myself. The strategies are actionable and doable.

Also, this self-development book is without any fluff or build- up. The author was painstakingly precise and to the point all the time.

The Verdict

I would recommend this book to everyone who thought that they are not talented enough because talent is not gifted but deliberately developed. Parents and children should read this book.

It is actionable, doable and practical guide to realize the full potential of two most powerful machines - Body and Mind, that humans are blessed with.

A must read.

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