Step by Step Guide How To Increase Instagram Followers Free

how to increase instagram followers

Increase Instagram Followers

Before I start to tell more about how you can increase instagram followers organically let me share an incident.

“Thank you for the unfollow”

I was completely taken aback when I read this direct message send in my Instagram inbox.

A newbie bookstagrammer, I failed to understand the reason behind the anguish.

The person was not even following me and when I unfollowed her, which happened out of my curiosity to check a follow unfollow app, was angry with me.

A couple of days later things became clearer that many bookstagrammers invest time and money to increase their followers count through giveaways and other similar stuff.

Giveaways and contest are considered to be one of the best ways to increase followers on Instagram without following back.  

Obviously unfollow hurts.

Follow and unfollow is such a vicious circle of frustration which soon becomes obsession.

I have a simple strategy which will surely help you to grow your Instagram account without much ado


There will be no heartbreaks or frustration or the desire to vent anger on stories if a few accounts unfollow you.

It will barely take 10 mins of your day which is in sharp contrast to that of giveaways which consume so much of time and energy.

You have to keep monitoring the giveaway. Have to promote it so that more people participate in it. And then declare the winner.

So much of work.

But don’t take it otherwise. I have nothing against giveaway or contest. It is not only a great way to increase followers on Instagram but also increases interaction and engagement on your account.

how to increase instagram followers organically

The strategy which I am about to disclose is most probably known to you. It is a manual follow and unfollow strategy but there is a twist in execution.

Now you must be thinking that what the hell everyone on Instagram knows about follow unfollow method to grow your Instagram account for free.

But wait. Read on. It is completely worth.

Please do not use a follow unfollow app for this. Instagram will not like it. It is best to do manually.


I have a very bad experience to share with these third party follow unfollow app. I have downloaded one of them. And after a couple of day I starting discovering the post of people I have never followed or not related to my niche.

I checked my profile to see that all of the sudden my following count has doubled overnight.

My good friend told me that it could be the misdeed of the follow unfollow app. I immediately removed the app.

But following count was still increasing.

Finally it stopped after I change my Instagram password.

So use these apps with caution. They have hidden agendas which we are not aware of.

In the haste to unfollow all those accounts, I might have unfollowed that person’s account as well which resulted in this post.

Now back to the strategy. It is the proven and best follow unfollow method for Instagram.

Step 1:-  The first thing you need to do is to follow a minimum of 20 accounts with 100k or above followers relevant to you niche or category.

A couple of things to keep in mind

– Make sure that there should be minimum of 1k likes for most of the post and at least 100 or more comments. This will indicate that engagement is high with real followers.

*Step:- 2* Once you follow an account with keeping the above barometers in mind now you need to get real time notification for the latest post submission from that account.

Let me tell you how and why.

ghost followers

Click on the three dots on the top right hand side of the post of the each individual account you follow. In the pop up click on “Turn On Post Notifications”

follow unfollow strategy

This is an important step.


In order to get the real time notification of the new post.

*Step 3:-* Once the like start pouring for the post immediately start following those accounts.

Two things will happen by doing this.

  • Accounts you follow will be live on Instagram. So their reaction to the account will be immediate. You will get free Instagram followers instantly.
  • And second you will get real Instagram followers who are active, who like and comment on other’s post.

And not the ghost followers who remain inactive or do not engage.

Ghost followers are the most irritating. They just make your account look massive otherwise their presence or absence doesn’t matter.  

Following this strategy you can easily grow your account with many active Instagram users.

In case if you want to balance your followers and following ratio you can easily unfollow accounts who didn’t follow you back.

Or unfollow all of them.

It is your wish.

But sometimes I feel what will really happen if you unfollow accounts in bulk.

Publishers and authors see how many followers you are having and engagement on your post. No one bothers about how many you are following.

Last and not the least

Try to post daily  with minimum 20 hashtags and a good caption.

Just for knowledge in order to avoid getting banned

But don’t get carried away.

Follow may be around 100 to 200 accounts in a day.

I hope you will find this is helpful.

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