How to Make Money in Stock Market Trading by Indrazith Shantharaj Review

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The investment bug has finally bitten me, and now I forever look for opportunities where I can make money out of money, allowing my assets to work for me in the quest to create wealth instead of working for money. In this pursuit of financial knowledge, I recently picked up “How to Make Money in Stock Market Trading” by Indrazith Shantharaj. The book sets out to explain the basic aspects of the stock exchange, how it functions, and the various factors that can directly and indirectly influence one’s profits and losses. Additionally, the author delves into the world of chart patterns and candlestick patterns, suggesting that with the right interpretation, one can make informed decisions regarding entry and exit points for stocks.


  1. Entry-Level Knowledge: For someone just entering the world of stock market trading, this book serves as a gentle introduction. It explains fundamental concepts and provides a basic understanding of how stock markets operate, making it accessible to beginners.
  2. Technical Analysis Introduction: The coverage of chart patterns and candlestick patterns, albeit basic, is a useful starting point for those interested in technical analysis. It introduces readers to these tools, which can aid in identifying potential entry and exit points for stocks.


  1. Lack of In-Depth Analysis: One of the book’s limitations is its inability to provide in-depth knowledge on technical analysis. While it introduces chart patterns and candlesticks, it falls short in helping readers truly grasp how to interpret and use them effectively.
  2. Neglect of Fundamental Analysis: The book focuses primarily on technical analysis, but it neglects the equally important aspect of fundamental analysis. A comprehensive understanding of both technical and fundamental analysis is crucial for successful trading and investing.
  3. Availability of Information: The information presented in the book can be easily found on the internet and in numerous other resources. While it’s a decent starting point, readers looking for more comprehensive insights may feel that it doesn’t add significantly to their existing knowledge.


“How to Make Money in Stock Market Trading” by Indrazith Shantharaj serves as a basic introduction to stock trading, making it suitable for beginners seeking to understand the fundamentals of stock markets and basic technical analysis concepts. It’s a gentle starting point, but it may leave readers wanting more in-depth knowledge, particularly in terms of interpreting chart patterns and conducting fundamental analysis. In an age where information is readily available online, the book’s value lies in its simplicity and accessibility to those just beginning their journey into stock market trading. However, for those looking to develop a more comprehensive skillset, additional resources may be necessary.

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