Beyond Lies by Alka Dimri Saklani Review

Alka Dimri Saklani's

Beyond Lies

beyond lies

Beyond Lies: A nail-biting psychological thriller with a killer twist is the third book in the Beyond series by the author by Alka Dimri Saklani. In this book, the author depicts love in its violent form. The kind of love you will dread to receive. It is a psychological thriller with a tensed love story brewing in the background.

Tia is a cheerful and carefree woman with childlike innocence. But the danger is lurking around the corner. It is readying itself to strike at the right time, and snatch away all the lively traits from her nature, to take her away from her loved ones.

The author portrays love in its darkest form. A kind of love that you will dread to receive. It sucks passion, intimacy, and commitment out of a relationship. The only things remaining are the power to hurt and possessiveness. The author succeeded in picturing this kind of self-obsessed love, which can only bring horror and tremor in the life of supposed loved one.

The story goes on the expected line. Amid many suspects, my mind focused on one. But the author seems to have some other plan in her mind. This psychological thriller has a twist which you will never see coming. My mind was racing as the suspense unfolded, and reveals the real culprit's face. Never in my wildest dreams, I could have thought of it.

The narrative moves back and forth, and the story unfolds from various viewpoints. The past was pleasant to read with a few fun and romantic moments. But the present will make you cringe at the anticipation of what was about to happen. However, I must say that I was more eager to read what was happening in the present. As that part of the story was more captivating.

Alka Damiri is a master in portraying inner conflicts and emotions in love stories. She did it in Beyond Secrets and Beyond Scar. The kind of conflicts that would give you goosebumps, send sensations, and you would feel butterflies fluttering in the characters' stomach.

But it didn't have a similar effect this time with the book Beyond Lies. The love story of Samar and Tia was the least interesting. This may be because of the law of diminishing marginal utility where your satisfaction reduces as your craving decreases. The three love stories in the Beyond series were written on a similar line. It appears like the author repeated the same stuff with different packaging. But it might not be true if Beyond Lies is your first book in the series.

Without a doubt, all the books in the Beyond series were worth a read. Heartwarming love stories, twisted tales of the characters, and the author's seamless writing style make the books a captivating read.

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