Thank God I’m Fired by Sandeep Pawar Review

thank god i'm fired

I started reading the book Thank God I’m Fired by Sandeep Pawar with a very heavy heart and heaved a sigh of relief by the time the first chapter ended. I don’t know what happened until I realized that I connect with the protagonist Raghav, his situation, his dilemma and his joy of overcoming it.

Story in Brief

So the protagonist Raghav was in a deep fix. He wants to resign from his present job which was not adding any value both to his personal life and professional profile but lacks the courage to do so.

It Is So Real

Do the story sounds familiar? It could be your story or anyone who is sacred to take that first step, who wants someone to push them to take that leap of faith. And honestly, it is easier said than done. That first glide towards the boundless open sky takes a lot of determination and courage, to shoulder the responsibility of the consequences of the decision.
Why I felt a weight on my heart when I started the first chapter? It was so because even I went through the same phase of indecision I was afraid to give up the security of my job and trudge on a lesser known path where my heart lies.

My Thoughts

In the story, Raghav receives support in Indu, his colleague. But not everyone gets a guiding hand to let through that dark phase of vacillation where our mind and heart keep oscillating between the option of staying or moving forward.

This is the reason why these inspirational fictions are so popular as they are inspired by the real life situations. Somewhere in the story is hidden the answer which you were searching, that vital drizzle of motivation which will help you to storm the searing heat of indecision. Thank God I’m Fired has those right words to rocket fuel your doubtful mind and wavering heart to take that decision.

It was a satisfying short read. I was so engrossed reading it that when the book reached its last page I didn’t even realize. I wish it was a little longer.

I kind of fallen for both the lead characters Raghav and Indu. Both were well etched and believable. There was a hint of  romance brewing between both of them, but the author was more focused on the real agenda so the romance was just like a subtle flavor of cardamom in the delicacy.

Narration flows effortlessly but it is the short and lively dialogues which makes the book engaging to read. I just wish there were more conversations and interaction between Raghav and Indu.

The Verdict

People from corporate world, especially the IT guys will resonate with the story as the author builds many familiar scenes in the novel like layoffs, tea break chit-chat, exchanging gyan, complaining about excess work, appraisals and bonus excitement and bitching boss

After building up a backdrop, the story picks up beautifully once Indu enters the picture.

All in all, if you are looking for an inspirational fiction then Thank God I’m Fired by Sandeep Pawar could be the one.

Four Stars

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