Hope You Don’t Get Famous by Vernajh E Pinder Review

Hope You Don't Get Famous

By Vernajh K. Pinder

Hope you don't get famous

Hope You Don't Get Famous

I seldom read poetry books. There is no specific reason to point out. Maybe I don't find the right one according to my preference. I yearn for lyrical poems conveying a story. That is independent, yet unraveling the intricate tapestry of events. I rarely find such poetry books. But I think, the law of attraction, was at work when the poetry book Hope You Don't Get Famous by Vernajh Pinder came my way.

Hope You Don't Get Famous will take you down on a journey. The journey of unrequited love and various phases come in the life of a lover, whose love never finds its destination. 

Life is a rainbow when smitten with someone. It feels blissful when your love is at your side. But a heartbreak, a breakup in a relationship is annihilating. Especially when heart-breaker throttles the unconditional love. A depressive phase begins when you feel suffocated, dying each day, cursing and loathing. Then comes self-realization, when good sense prevails, and you move forward in life. Not before learning the hard lesson.

The poet has depicted every emotion an ecstatic or dejected lover feels. From cloud nine to face down in the mouth, you will experience a plethora of emotions. There are poems on the lover's desperation to get his lover back and pessimism towards life, suicidal symptoms, and revival. Some might touch your raw nerves, others might make you nostalgic, with many you will reminisce. He was eloquent and graceful while describing the pleasurable and intimate moments between the lovers.

But the one which will remain with me all life is the short story The One That Got Away. I was speechless after reading it -  "If you chase the moon, there is a possibility you’ll lose the sun.” It was such an exquisite, insightful, and profound thought. The short story captures the essence of a true relationship in a remarkable manner. If only people understand and value the relationship, there will be no heartbreaks.

The poet has adopted various styles of poetry to depict the happiness and inner turmoil of the lover. So you will find free verse, metered poetry, two words poems. Various rhyming patterns were a delight as well.

My only grumble was the repetition of the same feelings and expression. Just the style was different each time.

The Verdict 

The smoothness in the poet's writing and abundance of emotion will enthrall you, give you heartache, but will leave you enlightened at the end.

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