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Sita is one of the characters which is very close to my heart for her self-restrain and courage. Grown up as a princess, she lived most of her life in the forest. First with her beloved and then without him.

I always used to wonder was Sita really a meek character who could be easily overpowered or banished away. Was Sita just a dutiful wife who followed her husband. No, there is more in the character of Sita then we are made to believe.

Sita’s character teaches us the way to handle the adverse situation. Circumstances and people’s opinion and their power to impose those on you is not in your hand, but counter reaction and extent of its effect is in your hand.

Sita was heartbroken and devastated the way Ram deserted her. It was difficult, but she put together her life again. She reared and nurtured her twin offspring as a single mother. And when time came she stood for her self respect. She became the epitome of pride for every woman when she rejected Ram’s offer to come back to palace.

Following are the few books on Sita which I helped me understanding the character of Sita .

The Forest of Enchantments

books on sita

There are not many books on Sita. One of the reasons why The Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is one of the most awaited books of 2019.

The author has done a mesmerizing job with the character of SIta. Redefining and refreshing tweaks and treatment given to the character of Sita were marvelous.

The author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni kept the true essence of the Ramayana and the Sita’s character intact with which you are familiar, but the way she brings out the quite strength of SIta is something which you will identify as a woman because we all have it. She endures, but she knows where to draw the line.

The Forest of Enchantments Review

The Liberation of Sita

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The Liberation of Sita is a very powerful book ever written on Ramayana. The women’s of the epic often sidelined, ignored, wronged by the men, husband in particular, find voice through the pen of the author Volga.

They all, together, helps Sita on her journey of self-realization to take control over her life, gave her more power to liberate herself from the societal authority which was ruling her life all this while.

Sita An Illustrated Retelling of The Ramayana

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Sita An Illustrated Retelling of the Ramayana by Devdutt Pattanaik could be a disappointing read if you are expecting it to be an outright Sita’s Ramayana. It is not exactly a retelling from Sita’s point of view.

The book, as many of the Devdutt Pattanaik’s book, is the collection of stories on Ramayana written in different period, by different authors all across India.

There are three chapters in the book which were exclusively devoted to Sita and those chapters were superb, which actually makes this book worth a read.

Sita Warrior Of Mithila

High voltage, action packed, treachery, scheming, unknown danger lurking at every corner, suspicion and surprises Amish Tripathi had added every element to churn out his trademark style epic retelling of Ramayana in the second book of the series. The second book Sita Warrior Of Mithila was written from Sita’s perspective.

Taking the cue from the trending feminism in the air, there is a complete makeover of the image of Sita. Amish’s Sita is complete opposite to that of Chitra’s Sita. Amish’s Sita was a trained and proficient warrior, cunning and shrewd diplomat. She was fiercely independent and focused person.

Sita’s Sister

Sita’s Sister by Kavita Kane is a kind of extension recommendation of books on SIta. The book is more about Sita’s sister Urmila. But an excellent read and all the four sisters. The book more about sisterhood in Ramayana.

That’s it for the time being. If you have read any interesting books on Sita then I am all ears to listen it. You can leave the recommendation in the comment section or join the Whatsapp group for discussion.

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